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Win Uniforms for your team!


Pivotstar is all about celebrating roller derby athletes’ different body types, interests, and lives. You’re unique, and your uniforms should reflect that.

To celebrate the launch of our new Sport Fit Uniforms we’re giving away 20 jerseys to one lucky team.

Here’s how it works: Create a team video of up to one minute in length, incorporating the words “different”, “awesome”, and “Pivotstar”. It’s that simple! The deadline is midnight (PST) April 17th, 2015.


* Max. one minute per video, one submission per team
* Identify the team name and location in the video
* Clearly incorporate the words “different”, “awesome”, and “Pivotstar” in the video (spoken or signage is ideal). Get creative! We want to see all of the ways you’re different and awesome.
* Wearing Pivotstar apparel is NOT required.
* Share the video via your team’s Facebook or Instagram, or upload to YouTube and share on social media.
* Please don’t use copyrighted music or images in your videos!

** In order to be eligible you MUST submit the video to Pivotstar via Dropbox or Google Drive at Please use a Facebook-friendly and good quality video format, such as .avi, mp4, or wmv. Compressed email formats are not ideal for sharing! **


Facebook guidelines: Tag @pivotstar, use hashtags #pivotstar #rollerderby #differentisawesome

Instagram guidelines: Tag @pivotstar, use hashtags #pivotstar #rollerderby #differentisawesome

YouTube guidelines: Include the tags “pivotstar”, “roller derby”, and “different is awesome”.

This Post Has 6 Comments
  1. Hi!
    Our team made a video to enter this contest (we’re super excited about it!) and just wanted to make sure it arrived ok. We’re the Dolly Rockit Rollers from Leicester, and the file was sent via Dropbox.
    Thank youuuuuu!!!! *excited waving*

  2. Hello.

    I was having some problems with sharing our video on google drive. I wanted to check that it was received. I apologize if you got multiples! Its for Wheat City Roller Derby League.

    Also me and the others had a blast doing this. Great idea!


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