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What it means to be a Team Player

Originally posted by Luludemon – December 3, 2014.

“Tomorrow I fly to Dallas for the World Cup as part of Team Canada. Unlike the 2011 World Cup, this year I will not be skating. But that does not mean that I am not part of this amazing team. Being a good teammate is just as important when we are NOT on our skates, as when we are on our skates.


1) “You want an organic kale salad? Let me go get that for you!” I am here to make my teammates lives as stress free as possible, so they can focus on their game, not googling the nearest Trader Joes.

2)” Need someone to talk to? That’s me!” I am a big believer that sports is 90% mental. I am here to help you get your head in the game – whatever that means to you.

3) “I’m your extra eyes on the track coach.” I will be keeping an eye out for specific strategies (long vs short points, hot jammers, whats working/not, counting points scored) and relaying that info to the bench during the game. Super useful info.

4) “I am enthusiasm personified!” There’s nothing worse than having a benched teammate that sulks. It brings down the team morale and it does not help the team reach their goals. However hard this weekend will be (and god knows it will be hard not to be out there, skating my heart out with my countrywomen) I commit to always smiling, always pumping the team up, cheering….loudly….. always.

I am beyond proud to be a member of Team Canada. BEAVER FEVER!”



So now that the Roller Derby World Cup is over – was it as hard as I thought it was going to be? Definitely.
Was it worth every second to be part of this amazing team? Absolutely.

Thank you to everyone that I spoke to in Dallas (and I spoke to a LOT of amazing derby people from all over the world!) and especially to those that this post helped to find their inner team mate.

Together we move forward towards our goals. Our success as a team is our success as an individual.

Later Skaters




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