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Roller Derby Hoodies – For your PUPPY!

If you've checked out our Instagram feed recently you've probably already seen the newest addition to the Pivotstar Family. Our super cute, super fun roller derby PET HOODIES.   Here at Pivotstar HQ our puppies help us achieve a good balance between work…

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Camp Pivotstar in good company at Camp Elite

  The idea first appeared two years ago, at a training camp in Colombia…or was it Mexico...or Belgium? The plan was to create a roller derby training camp for truly advanced skaters. A camp that coaches themselves would want to…

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What it means to be a Team Player

Originally posted by Luludemon - December 3, 2014. "Tomorrow I fly to Dallas for the World Cup as part of Team Canada. Unlike the 2011 World Cup, this year I will not be skating. But that does not mean that…

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Skater of the Month for WFTDA – me! Sweet!

"The Terminal City Rollergirls are proud to call this skater one of their own and recently named her league MVP. She loves jamming and shares her love of the position and roller derby as a traveling coach and owner of…

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Roller Derby is Life for Lucy “Luludemon” Croysdill

--------- excerpt from an article published in The Vancouver Vantage August 12, 2011 ---------------- For an athlete as intense as Luludemon is during roller derbies, the off-track side of Lucy Croysdill is quite pleasant. In consideration of Luludemon’s skill on…

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Interview with luludemon

My good friend and amazing derby player Anya Face from Forest City featured Pivotstar in her blog the other day. Anya Face is also a derby-entrepreneur, with a custom hot pants business called Hot Across Buns. Here is an excerpt…

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