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Women In Biz Spotlight – Trixie B. True!

Women in Biz Spotlight – Trixie B. True!

Time to introduce another new member of the Pivotstar family of accessories: Trixie B. True! If you travel in any derby circles, you’ve probably seen these great, colourful, sparkly bags and wallets carried by many a flamboyant derby girl. I’ve even got a custom designed hip bag that I looooove.

Trixie B. True has a very inspiring origin story. Stacy Wright was restoring a 1957 Shasta travel trailer on her own. In the process, she learned how to upholster with vinyl and fell in love with the shiny material, and with the leftover scraps, she started making wallets and other gifts for friends. During the trailer restoration, she had an serious run-in with some stainless steel and severed five tendons in her leg. At the advice of her physiotherapist, she began to rehab her leg with an old hobby she used to love – roller skating. This new/old hobby eventually lead her down the yellow brick road to the Resurrection Roller Girls, and Stacy became Trayla Parx.

Atomic BombChelle (aka Michelle Check), a fellow RRG skater, took an interest in Trayla’s vinyl obsession and helped her through some tough times. Trayla knew Atomic was smart and organized, and with a dream in their hearts and twinkles in their eyes, together they launched Trixie B. True (named for the trailer that inspired it all, and the doctrine to “be true to yourself, and you will never fail” from the Beastie Boys).


A little over a year ago, Atomic (“Co-Conspirator and Creative Overlord”), quit her day job to dedicate her life to making these awesome sparkly bags and wallets for the world, and “fully transitioned into a caffeine fueled sparkle maniac.”

We asked Trayla about what it means to be a derby-owned business, and she said, “The magic of skating culture is that there is truly a place for everyone to excel. Whether you are a self-proclaimed geek, misfit, badass or goddess, roller derby gives you the opportunity to show your true colors, on and off the track. Trixie B. True is all about being true to yourself and expressing your perfect, unique self to the world. My favorite part of this business is giving people another form of self-expression.”

TBT is also a big supporter of their local league, the Resurrection Roller Girls, through sponsorship of MVP awards, hospitality baskets, and fundraisers, and they also sponsor giveaways at the Norcal Chicks in Bowls meetups. “We try to show up at as many events as possible throughout the year.  As our little company grows we hope to be everywhere, but for now we have California and the West Coast covered!”

Not only are they pumping out the cutest wallets and bags in the derby verse, they have some fun things coming up in the new year: “We have been so busy keeping up with orders for hip bags and wallets, but we will be releasing new designs very soon! In 2016, we are looking forward to vending at Rollercon, The Big O, and WFTDA playoffs, and well as our local Bay Area Derby games.”

We now carry some great Trixie B. True items in our shop. We’ve got five fabulous wallets and six funky fanny packs (or ‘hip bags, for my UK and Aussie friends 😛 ) to choose from, including my favourites – exclusive Pivotstar and Maple Leaf designs!

Just like our Bruised Skate Nooses, these are affordable, high-quality products, North-American-made by derby-owned companies, that make perfect holiday gifts for all of your derby friends. Hello, one-stop shopping!

Here at Pivotstar, we are very exited to have Trixie B. True join our roster, and the TBT ladies are just as excited as we are! Trayla and Atomic first met Lulu at Rollercon 2014. “As I learned more about Lulu and Pivotstar, Lulu became a role model for me as an entrepreneur.  I love Pivotstar!  And who doesn’t love Lulu? She is truly an inspiration.”

Awww, shucks. Right back atcha, Trixie B. True.

Later skaters,


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