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Women In Biz Spotlight: Bruised Skate Stuff

Women in Biz Spotlight: Bruised Skate Stuff

Here at Pivotstar, we love derby gear. And not just clothes! That’s why we’re really excited to be teaming up with great derby brands this season. The first one we’re featuring on the blog is Bruised Skate Noose!

These colourful straps may look simple, but they come in super handy for any roller skater, not just derby players. You just hook the front wheels into the loops on each end, and voila! Let’s face it: if you play derby, your skates are probably your most prized possession, so why would you want to stuff your beautiful babies into your dank bag with all your sweaty gear? GROSS. With a Bruised Skate Noose, you can sling them over your shoulder and show them off instead! Just off for a beach/street skate? No need for a bulky skate bag now – just grab ’em and go!

Back in 2009, Kasey Roy (aka Amelia O’nare) and Stevie Emerson (aka Vulgar Vixen) skated together for the Junction City Roller Dolls in Utah. Kasey made these little skate carrying straps for fellow league mates, and Stevie had one of the first prototypes of the Noose. She used it to carry her skates everywhere she went, including at Rollercon 2011. Her slick skates strap got loads of attention, and a light bulb went off: she teamed up with Kasey to start making the straps for the public. Word spread around the derbyverse about these handy straps, and the rest is history. (Kasey has since left the company to pursue her life long dream of being a badass tattoo artist, and now Stevie is running the company.)

Not only does BSN make a great product, they also support the derby community at large. We asked Stevie about working with teams and she said, “I try to sponsor teams and contribute to tournaments as much as I can. Giving back to the community is an important aspect to me with this business.” You may have noticed some pretty high-profile teams using Nooses in their fundraising efforts: “We started out sponsoring Team USA for the first World Cup, and then reached out to Team Canada the next year. Both were amazing opportunities to give back to the community.”

Love what you’re reading? Get your hands on one of your very own Bruised Skate Noose, right here at Pivotstar! We’re carrying them in some great Pivotstar colours: Lime Green, Bright Purple, Sparkle Black, Sparkle Silver and Black with White Stars. Perfect for carrying your new skates, or as a gift for your derby wife. Heck, why not get one for everyone on the team?

Later skaters,

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