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UK Tour Day Seven: Northampton ShoeTown Slayers

Puppies and babies and derby girls galore! I had so much fun with the Shoetown Slayers last night.

Firstly the venue was pretty cool – I have never played derby at a Catholic school and there was something wonderfully ironic about tattooed tough girls rolling around the track. There were about 15 girls of varying skill level in attendance, including some familiar faces from the session that I ran yesterday with Rebellion. Am I being stalked? You know you’ve made it when…

Highlight of the evening: persuading one of the new girls to jam in the scrimmage at the end, her getting lead jammer but then not realising that you had to keep going and lap the pack! whoops, small communication problem!!

Oh and of course the 10 week old rescue puppy – aaaaaaaaaaaaah.

Here’s the interview that I did with Minx Pie and some Northampton derby action.

To find out more about the Shoetown Slayers, visit their website:

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