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Interview with luludemon

My good friend and amazing derby player Anya Face from Forest City featured Pivotstar in her blog the other day. Anya Face is also a derby-entrepreneur, with a custom hot pants business called Hot Across Buns.

Here is an excerpt from the interview:

How did your business come about?:
I was working at and realised that there was a lack of clothing created specifically for roller derby.
There was lots of fun, sparkly stuff out there that was great for bouting in, but nothing that I wanted to wear for those 9 hours of practice a week and then to the bar afterwards. So I decided to start a clothing line for real roller girls and 6 months later I am sending clothes to Switzerland, the North Pole and Hawaii!

Sports before roller derby: Snowboarding, Rollerblading (yup I was a fruit booter!) and Roller Hockey

When/how you first got involved with roller derby: I moved to Vancouver after I finished school in Edinburgh, Scotland and didn’t know a lot of people in the city. I saw the TCRG on local TV and thought “that looks like a good way to meet some cool people” and joined up a month later. Now I have a whole new derby family that have seen me through a lot of changes over the past 4 years.

Best team derby moment: The first year I was captain for our All Star Team and a week before our big Derby Night in Canada Tournament I got appendicitis 🙁 I pleaded with the doctors to let me play, but when they mentioned “colostomy bag” I gave in. I ended up bench coaching the team and we won! It was great to see the team bring their A game, despite losing a player and I was so proud of them. I may have shed a tear 😉

Check out the full interview here: Hot Across Buns

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