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Goal setting the SMART way

I wrote some articles last year about the steps involved in creating a successful and healthy team dynamic (“How to create a team that works“) One of the most important steps, in my opinion, is having a goal setting session with your team. Here is a more detailed breakdown on how to run a goal setting session.

Goal Setting Part Two

Ok, you’ve gotten everyone in one room. Now it’s time to set goals for the season. No idea is too big or small at this point so encourage your league mates to share what they would like the league to consider.

On a white board, a chalkboard or a really big piece of paper, have one person list every idea that your league members come up with. It’s a good idea to separate training goals from league goals. The difference being that training goals are just that, things to include when considering training. League goals are all of the other stuff that gets organized before and after practices and bouts, during meetings and via email.

Once everyone has contributed their ideas to the conversation, you should have two large lists. Now it’s time for each individual to weigh in with three votes towards both training and league goal lists.

Have each member come up to the board and place a check beside the three ideas that are most important to them for both training and league categories. This might take a little while as it should be done one at a time and some people need a minute or two to be sure before they make their mark.

After everybody has voted, tally up the check marks. The ones with the highest number of votes go to the top of the priority list. These will be your league’s focus for the upcoming season.

Now comes the challenging part. Make them SMART goals in order to have a higher chance of success.


Your goal should be well defined and clear so that it makes sense to everyone.


How will we know when we have achieved it? Your goal should require tangible evidence of completion.


Your goal should be appropriate and achievable.


Goal should represent something that you are both willing and able to work towards.


Set a time frame or a date to achieve by. There should be enough time for accomplishment but not too much time so that it looses its sense of urgency.

Post the finished product where everybody can see and refer to it often. A team forum, your regular practice space (if you’re lucky enough to have your own) or group face book page is a great place for this.

Check in with each other to ensure that you are on track. This is easily done at a league meeting, as it’s nice to do it face to face and those who are struggling are sure to feel their league’s support.

Celebrate when you reach each goal! Remember to give your fellow league a congratulatory pat on the back and a thank you. League success relies on all league members and with all of the hard work that goes into running a successful league; it’s easy to forget to take the time to celebrate our successes together.

Best of luck this season!


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