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Drumroll… 2014 Fall Collection is now IN STORE!

North America in the fall is a beautiful place. Crisp, blue-skied mornings, leaves crackling underfoot, orange trees silhouetted against snow sprinkled mountains.

But what’s the best part of fall? It’s FRESH MEAT SEASON! There’s nothing like the eager faces and confused stares of new roller derby recruits to remind you how awesome this sport is.

So we dedicate our 2014 Fall Collection to you.

The next generation of Scald Eagles and Suzy Hotrods.

May your wheels always roll smoothly and your gear smell like ripe gorgonzola.

Later Skaters! Luludemon

Skate Love Red copyHoodie ForestGreen-SilverPivotstar Logo Tank Neon Green copy Hoodie HeatherGrey-Pink Pivotstar Logo Tank WhiteHoodie HeatherGrey-Purple Hoodies ForestGreen-Gold Skate Love Royal Blue

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