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Derby Diet?

I threw up in my teammate’s back yard on the way to my first game. I blame the sour cream on the huge plate of perogies and fried sausage that I ate for breakfast that morning. In my head remember thinking “better get a good meal in before all this exercise you are going to do” as I chowed down on my ninth perogie.

I had no idea about sports nutrition. And to be honest, I still have a lot to learn. But I have picked up a few things along the way in the last 5 years; from fellow skaters with athletic backgrounds and through trial and error. Also I am hypoglycaemic (which in layman’s terms means I get angry if I don’t eat properly) so keeping my sugar levels constant is super important.

This weekend we had a game against Rose City’s Axels of Annihilation. It was going to be a tough one, so I knew I had to be prepared both mentally and physically.

Here’s what I ate for game day this time:

Morning (9am): Nature’s Path Blueberry Flax Oatmeal with fresh bananas and cranberries
Mid Morning Snack (11am): Larabar Fruit and Nut Bar
Lunch (1pm): Turkey Wrap with lots of vegetables in it and no mayonnaise (ate half and saved the rest for later)
Afternoon Snack (3pm): Builders Protein Cliff Bar
Pre-Game Meal (5pm): Rest of the Turkey Wrap and some Tropical Trail Mix
Quick Snack (6pm): Banana and a couple of Organic Energy Chews (Sharkies)
Game at 7.30pm
Half Time Energy Boost (8.15pm): 2 Sharkies, Half a Cliff Bar and 2 Orange Quarters

Also I am currently addicted to EmergenC. It helps that they are our sponsors this year so I have boxes of the stuff everywhere. I normally dilute them more than specified on the packet but it still means that I am getting lots of good electrolytes in the water that I drink during the day.

Things to remember on game day:
1) Drink lots of water – but make sure it is diluted with something – a bit of juice, gatorade, something to replace the salts that you lose when you sweat.
2) Don’t EVER drink energy drinks. You might feel more awake for the first 10 minutes of the period, but after that your body is going to go into a sugar spiral and you are going to hit rock bottom very quickly. Ouch!
3) Don’t eat so much that you feel full at any point (no perogies!) just keep snacking so that you never feel empty or tired.
4) Lean protein is best and not too much of it on game day.
5) You want lots of good carbs that you find in veggies and fruit.

And here’s a couple of interesting food/sports things that I have heard about recently:

1) Eat pineapple after skating because it naturally disperses the lactic acid in your muscles
2) Drink coconut water before and during skating – it has natural electrolytes and will hydrate you quicker than any man made additive.

But most importantly, don’t try anything crazy and new on game day. I will always remember Suzy HotRod’s story about her team mate who decided to try coconut water 2 hours before their game and promptly threw up just before having to play. Oops!

And after all that healthiness you will definitely deserve that after party beer 🙂

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