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UK Tour Day Sixteen: Leeds Roller Dolls

It’s been a long three weeks on the road. Now I know what touring bands feel like. The constant packing and unpacking, searching for semi-decent food at weird times of the day, haggling with hotels over internet provision, washing underwear in the bathtub, and the undeniable growing stink of my derby gear.

But all of that is forgotten as soon as I am standing in front of a group of bright-eyed and smiling rollergirls. “Hi, my name is luludemon.” I start and I am off and rolling, filled with excitement at being able to share my derby knowledge and pick up new ideas along the way. I love the groups that ask questions, that are hungry for new skills or even just a reassurance that they are doing things right. Suddenly, I am bouncing with energy, hopping around on my skates, talking fast (slow down lulu, slow down) and every girl that says “wow I never thought I could do that until now” makes me burst with pride.

This was my final day of my UK Tour. I had come to Leeds to coach the Leeds Roller Dolls, one of the oldest leagues in the UK and I was excited and also a little sad. But the girls cheered me up as soon as I got in the door. A big group of girls with even bigger grins on their faces. We spent the next 3 hours in derby heaven, learning about breaking walls, finding friends and tight packwork. I even managed to squeeze in a couple of jams in the scrimmage – after which I wanted to skate for a further three hours!

Thank you to all of the Leeds Roller Dolls for making my final day SO much fun. And now it’s the long journey back to Canada – come visit!

lulu xxxxxx

To find out more about the Leeds Roller Dolls, visit their website:

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