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UK Tour Day Four: London Rollergirls

On Monday I coached the London Rollergirls Rec League, which was made up of girls that have passed their basic skills and get together twice a week to build up their skill base and scrimmage.

This time it was my turn to get schooled by the real London Rollergirls! There was a big group of girls in attendance as it was the first league practice back after Christmas. They also had some new drafts from the Rec League who looked a little nervous. All together there were about 50 girls – so not much space to move on the track!

We did some great drills working on how to better your pack positioning. Some fun stopping/starting and jumping around skaters which lulu always enjoys. *boing boing* The drill I found most useful was about pinning opposing players onto the inside line basically by coming to meet them on the outside and then shepherding them to the inside line and getting ready to hit them over if your jammer was close by. So simple but very effective.

At the end we did a fun, if chaotic, drill where you have a bunch of jammers racing through everyone else who is in pairs and marking each other, and one person in the pair has to touch the jammers as they go by, while the other tries to prevent her from doing so. I jammed for the last half of the drill and suddenly realised what happens when you have two weeks with no exercise and copious amounts of mince pies… phew, I better get my endurance back quickly or I am going to be in trouble!

Afterwards I chatted with Raw Heidi about what the London Rollergirls have been up to in the last year and their plans for the future. You can tell its been a hard practice by my beet red face.

Thanks for a great practice LRG, its just what I needed to kick my butt back into gear after a lazy, chocolate-filled Christmas. See you guys at the Tattoo Freeze next weekend!

To find out more about the London Rollergirls, visit their website:

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