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UK Tour Day Eleven: Evolution Rollergirls, Shrewsbury

Two days of watching the best teams in the UK battle it out at the Tattoo Freeze Tournament in Telford had got me all inspired for my next week of coaching. What it didn’t do, however, was give my voice a rest as I talked derby with the spectators non stop for 8 hours a day!

My first session was hosted by the Evolution Rollergirls in Shrewsbury and they had invited Mid-Wales Rollerderby and Wolverhampton Honour Rollers to join them. It was quite the full house in the end. All of these leagues are about a year old and were having varying successes recruiting in their area. The Wolverhampton girls seemed to be doing the best with around 30-40 active skaters, but the Mid-Wales girls were still struggling with only six dedicated members. The obvious difference between the two is the population in their area – the Wolverhampton girls have more people to recruit from!

It was great to see all these local leagues practicing together and sharing knowledge. It’s something I have seen a lot on my travels and is the advantage of having leagues in such a small area. For a long time in Vancouver, our closest leagues were either a 3 hour ferry ride away (Victoria) or 14 hour drive across the Rockies (Calgary).

We had a great session, with lots of laughter all round and everyone left with smiles on their faces – success!

Thanks to Depeche Mande for setting it all up and for my super cool Evolution Rollergirls T shirt and to the Mid Wales girls who had driven 2 hours to come to the practice; keep up the good work and I am sure you will have a full team in no time!

To find out more about the Evolution Rollergirls, visit their Facebook page:
To find out more about the Mid Wales Roller Derby, visit their website:
To find out more about the Wolverhampton Honour Rollers, visit their Facebook page:

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