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Colour Colour Everywhere!

These past weeks I’ve been working hard on some new additions to the line. The grey days inspired me to get all colourful, plus I am so indecisive that I couldn’t choose between them!

Thus we have THREE new colour combos in the Track Star Hoodies. I love the vibrant blue and silver, the yellow one makes me feel like I am wrapped up in sunshine and the red and gold means SUPERHERO to me!


And not to be outdone by the Track Star Hoodies, the Sleeveless Hoodies have also had a makeover. Now you can get the stars in your team colour for the same price as the regular black and green combo. Colours available at the moment are Red, Purple, Pink, Light Blue and Dark Blue.

I had so much fun in the fabric store picking out all the shiny fabrics for the stars. My personal favourite right now is the bright pink, it really pops on the black hoodie. But that may change… being indecisive again….

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