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Training Video: Strong Roller Derby Stance

I recently wrote a blog post about the importance of Strong Stance Blocking in roller derby. I received a lot of questions about the what that stance actually looks like. So I decided to make a video demonstrating it. Enjoy! **Update:…

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Strong Roller Derby Stance

When we learn to skate in roller derby, we are often told “get low,” which leads to the idea that we have to spread our legs wide, hunch our bodies over and stick out our butts. While this does create…

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Lateral Movement for Roller Derby

We spend a lot of time focused on skating forwards in roller derby. Working on our speed skating form. Building up to our 35 laps in 5 minutes. My team used to do 100 pace laps as a COOL DOWN!…

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Compression Clothing – Legit or Hype?

You've seen them at practice or in the gym - those ultra-tight shorts, shirts or socks, usually black with super-cool racing stripes, worn by serious-looking athletes. Compression garments have made a big splash in the world of athletic wear in…

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