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Camp Pivotstar in good company at Camp Elite


The idea first appeared two years ago, at a training camp in Colombia…or was it Mexico…or Belgium? The plan was to create a roller derby training camp for truly advanced skaters. A camp that coaches themselves would want to attend. A camp where skaters who felt frustrated at hitting their plateau would be pushed out of their comfort zones. A camp that would move our sport forward in skill and athleticism.

After numerous training camp meet ups and Skype chats, Camp Elite was born.

The masterminds behind this bold endeavor:

Mercy Shammah #100, Rose City Rollers, Left Turn Coaching


Photo courtesy of Camp Elite

Mercy has dedicated herself to roller derby and helping skaters level up. With nine seasons of roller derby experience, we would need roughly seventeen weekends for her to teach you everything she wants.

Video: Mercy talks about why Camp Elite is going to be awesome


Smarty Pants aka Nadia Kean, Texas Rollergirls, Get Smarty Coaching


Photo courtesy of Tyler Shaw

Smarty is an advocate of the WFTDA and all that it stands for. She’s been coaching derby for over a decade and is equally respected for her ability to play the game as well as coach the masses.

Video: Smarty Pants talks about why WFTDA coaches should attend Camp Elite


Luludemon, Terminal City Rollergirls, Camp Pivotstar


Photo courtesy of Camp Elite

In 2013 her team made the largest rankings jump in WFTDA history. She knows first hand what a team needs to succeed in today’s roller derby climate and make its way to the top, one step at a time. A long-time jammer coach and trainer, her eye for detail will impact the way you skate.

Video: Lulu talks about how the idea for Camp Elite was born


Camp Elite is open to WFTDA Charter Teams only.

Location: Austin, Texas

Feb 20-22: Division 2&3 SOLD OUT

Feb 27-March 1: Division 1

For more info about Camp Elite, go to their website or Facebook page.

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