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Blood and Thunder Training Camp Recap

This past weekend I braved the cold and snow of Toronto to attend the Blood and Thunder Training Camp. It was a jam-packed four days of classes, mixed scrimmages, hot tubs, dance parties, skating, more skating and a bit of Pivotstar selling on the side!

Things that I learned from bootcamp:

– Instant oatmeal rocks! Perfect breakfast and easy to make in the hotel room.

– It’s OK to get a little crazy on the track. Just think “Angry Stick!” (Suzy HotRod)

– Skating without toe stoppers is terrifying but an awesome challenge. “I solemnly swear to do one practice a week without my toe stoppers.”

– Hot tubs are essential. But remember to have a cold shower afterwards to stop your muscles from swelling (otherwise you will feel it the next day, trust me.)

– A dance party can be derby practice. Seriously, pretend you are in a club and use your dodging and weaving skills to meet your friend at the bar/other side of the rink. (via Smarty Pants)

– Pace yourself or take a nap!

– Plow stopping while skating backwards is easier than it looks

– Playing derby with a pick up team is SO much fun! Go Team White Trash 🙂

– No matter where they are from, derby girls are awesome – miss you guys!

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