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Junior Roller Derby Athletic Wear is HERE!

Being comfortable and cool on the track is essential for optimum performance in roller derby, and hard-working roller derby athletes from all over the world are adding Pivotstar shorts, pants and tops to their game gear essentials. As the sport…

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Derby Drills: Jammer Brain

Everyone knows that to be a good roller derby jammer, you have to train your body. Speed, agility, explosive power, balance - these skills are key to staying on your feet and scoring points for your team. But do you…

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Let’s Talk About: Not Roller Derby!

Today we're not going to talk about roller derby. Yes, people do things on roller skates that aren't skating counter-clockwise and hitting people. Weird, I know! Whether you're retired from competitive derby, just taking a break, or you're searching for…

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Pivotstar Personalities: Amazombie

If you talk to someone who has only attended one Terminal City Rollergirls' bout, they probably don't remember many of the details, but it's almost guaranteed they remember Amazombie. It's hard to forget a fast, aggressive and graceful skater who…

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Derby Drill: The Buddy Fakeout

Because of the way the rules and skating styles have changed, offensive strategy seems to be a limited commodity these days. Here is a great offensive drill to practice with your team to get your jammer through the pack faster…

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