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Interview with luludemon

My good friend and amazing derby player Anya Face from Forest City featured Pivotstar in her blog the other day. Anya Face is also a derby-entrepreneur, with a custom hot pants business called Hot Across Buns. Here is an excerpt…

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Brutiful – a roller derby documentary This is one of the best roller derby documentaries I have seen for a while. Very honest and true to the sport. A great look at the girls behind the skates and the tough names.

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What is roller derby?

Roller derby began in the 30s in middle America and died off at the end of the 60s.  The modern resurgence of roller derby began in 2001 in Texas, where a group of women got together and decided to start…

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yay website!

Pivotstar has been busy.  Designing kick ass clothes, traveling to derby events all over the country, shipping packages to as far away as the North Pole, building this beautiful new website plus making sure to get to practice on time.…

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