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It all started with an episode of Breakfast Television. It was 2006 and Lucy Croysdill was a new immigrant to Vancouver, Canada. That fateful morning she was drinking her first cup of tea when her eyes were drawn to the TV. The freshly formed Terminal City Rollergirls were demonstrating a new sport called “roller derby.” The next day Lucy (soon to be known as “Luludemon”) bought her first pair of roller skates and her life changed forever.

Pivotstar’s mission is to inspire and empower diverse women to find acceptance, enjoyment and self-esteem through the sport of roller derby.
We’re On Your Team

We care for every customer and every order. We strive to offer the best in Friendly Communication and Reliability.

We have streamlined the order process for teams and individuals alike to enjoy an efficient experience.

Just like a good teammate we’ve got your back and always deliver on our promises.

We're Different

Thinking outside the box, we use a fusion of functionality and fashion to create a line of Athletic wear that is different -just like you!

Designed and manufactured in Vancouver, we offer a line of clothing that is of the highest quality.

Tried and tested on the track, you can trust that it’s the first thing we want to be wearing when we play roller derby.

We're A Community

Roller Derby is our community.

We are skaters, coaches and fans within this community.

We will continue to support and inspire the community members in every way possible. We support the growth of the community and highlight the achievements of the community at every opportunity.

“It’s great to meet you! Stay Awesome!” Luludemon #44
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