Flat Track Revolution

New Product Spotlight: Flat Track Revolution Bags!

More new products to introduce to you! This time around, we are so thrilled to welcome Flat Track Revolution to ...
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Texas Rollergirls

Roller Derby Training: Star Passing 101

Three years ago my coach came into Terminal City All Stars practice and said "This team is going to be ...
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roller derby recruiting

Training Video: Strong Roller Derby Stance

I recently wrote a blog post about the importance of Strong Stance Blocking in roller derby. I received a lot of questions ...
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New Product Spotlight – Trixie B. True!

Time to introduce another new member of the Pivotstar family of accessories: Trixie B. True! If you travel in any ...
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Guest Post: Aggressive Roller Skating 101 with RollerGirl

Because of the resurrection of roller derby, the number of roller skaters in the world has exploded. Roller derby people ...
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Screen shot 2015-11-10 at 10.28.54 AM


  Ever dreamed you could make a list of all your favorite items and with one click send it off as ...
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New Product Spotlight: Bruised Skate Noose!

Here at Pivotstar, we love derby gear. And not just clothes! That's why we're really excited to be teaming up ...
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evasive jamming

Roller Derby Training: Evasive Jamming – Part One

It’s been really interesting to see how this sport has evolved over the last ten years. From knee starts to ...
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Let’s Talk About: What’s in Lulu’s Gear Bag?

Gear. Without it, we'd just be running around in circles in our socks. And if you get a bunch of ...
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It’s a Derby Business: Roller Derby Recruiting

Recently I asked a question on my Facebook page: "What are the biggest challenges facing roller derby leagues?" I received ...
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Texas Rollergirls

10 Things You Don’t Know About the Texas Rollergirls

Welcome to another first here on the Pivotstar blog! This week, we begin our Team Spotlight series, where we find ...
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Shop Spotlight – Nerd Roller Skates

Here at Pivotstar, we loooove roller skate shops. And not just because they sell Pivotstar! Skate shops are passionate supporters ...
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rollerderby, derby, roller derby

Strong Roller Derby Stance

  When we learn to skate in roller derby, we are often told “get low,” which leads to the idea that ...
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Roller Derby Lateral Blocking

Lateral Movement for Roller Derby

We spend a lot of time focused on skating forwards in roller derby. Working on our speed skating form. Building ...
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Guest Post: Yoga for Roller Derby with Flat Mat Yoga!

We've talked about the importance of strength training for roller derby before. But strength isn't the only piece of the ...
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compression copy

Compression Clothing – Legit or Hype?

You've seen them at practice or in the gym - those ultra-tight shorts, shirts or socks, usually black with super-cool ...
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Roller Derby Hoodies – For your PUPPY!

If you've checked out our Instagram feed recently you've probably already seen the newest addition to the Pivotstar Family. Our super ...
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RollerCon 2015: Fearless Jamming with Luludemon

Roller Derby Training: Derby Hugs Drill (with video!)

Being a jammer can be scary. You often feel lonely and on your own out there on the track while ...
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Strength Training for Roller Derby

Guest Post: Strength Training for Roller Derby

Try as you might, there's no denying that any successful roller derby player needs to be fit. Obviously, high-level, competitive ...
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Team Canada Junior Roller Derby

Junior Roller Derby Association’s World Cup and Champs – Lulu’s Highlights

I'm just settling in at Rollercon right now, but I didn't want this week to go by without sharing this ...
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