Coaching in Wetaskiwin, Alberta

Our roller derby coaching schedule is pretty full these days, but we LOVE being invited back to visit leagues that we have previously coached. So we were super excited to be invited back to Wetaskiwin, AB to coach the Rez City Rollers. With a newly formed league structure under the Central Alberta Roller Derby Association, […]

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Muss’t Have Uniform Jerseys as seen on…

You asked for it and we listened! Here are photos of some awesome skaters modeling their Muss’t Have Uniform Jerseys. We’ve also included their measurements to help you get a better idea for sizing. Click on the picture to see a larger version of the image. If you’d like to submit front and back photos […]

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Team Canada takes on the World

There was a storm brewing in the Atlantic as Team Canada flew into Nantes, France for the 2014 Super Brawl. Fourteen elite roller derby athletes had been chosen to represent our great nation and they had flown through the night for a chance to show the world what Canadians are made of. The 2014 Team […]

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Want something awesome in your inbox?

Our christmas newsletter is almost ready to go and it includes a super special discount only available to MVP subscribers. Want something awesome in your inbox once a month? Sign up on our facebook page here: or email us with the subject line: “Add me to your newsletter of awesome.”* Happy Giving! Lulu […]

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Does Derby Need an Off Season?

Does anyone in derby take an off season? Like a REAL off season? A good chunk of time (say 3 months), not the odd 2 weeks here and there or a summer month long break. Anyone? Hello??? (crickets, crickets) I say this because I am about to embark on an entirely new roller derby journey. […]

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Goal setting the SMART way

I wrote some articles last year about the steps involved in creating a successful and healthy team dynamic (“How to create a team that works“) One of the most important steps, in my opinion, is having a goal setting session with your team. Here is a more detailed breakdown on how to run a goal […]

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Thinking on your SKATES

I am a jammer. But I love blocking. The reason I love jamming is the single minded focus of getting through the pack and scoring points for your team. The reason I love blocking is that it MAKES MY BRAIN EXPLODE!! Honestly, I find blocking such a crazy mental challenge. And it’s so HARD to […]

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Interview with C Max Roller Derby South Africa

Earlier this year I visited beautiful South Africa to coach the C Max Roller Derby League in Johannesburg. You can read about my visit and check out the video I made on the Camp Pivotstar blog here: Luckily someone with more videoing talent than myself also took some footage and put together an awesome […]

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Roller derby in Norway??

I remember the exact moment I knew that roller derby was going to take over the world. It was when I received an email from my old university room mate telling me that she had purchased roller skates and was going to join a local roller derby team. Not such a big deal you might […]

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How do you create a team that works? Part Two

In the previous blog post I wrote about how to set up solid foundations for a healthy team. Now that you have your road map, let’s take all this positive energy to the track and translate all this fuzzy, cuddliness into deathly efficient team work. Firstly some practice rules: 1) Everyone skates with everyone else. […]

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